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Sexual Assault

At Southern Crescent Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy Center, our Sexual Assault Program provides a safe location in which victims of sexual assault and law enforcement can come for one on one attention immediately after a crisis.  Our staff of Registered Nurses are trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and meet all requirements to provide victims of Sexual Assault medical attention and thorough collection of evidence.  Our Victim Advocates are trained in crisis management and remain with the victim throughout their time with us.  The victim and their non-offending family members receive support,

                               crisis intervention, and resource referrals for mental health, medical treatment, and additional services, if needed. Our main objective is to reduce trauma to victims by providing a safe, comfortable location while providing services to help meet both medical and emotional needs.  

Child Advocacy 

At Southern Crescent Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy Center, our Child Advocacy Program provides a child-friendly, safe, and neutral location where Law Enforcement and Division of Family and Child Services investigators may bring children alleging abuse for forensic services. Our main objective is to reduce trauma to child victims by bringing all disciplines together and sharing information more efficiently to minimize duplication.  Multidisciplinary Teams, made up of law enforcement officers, child protective service personnel, prosecutors, lawyers, advocates, mental health therapists and medical personnel, meet regularly to

communicate and collaborate on child maltreatment cases. Cases are reviewed beginning with the victim’s initial outcry through investigation, treatment, and prosecution. Communication within the team reduces duplication and mistakes, and keeps victims from falling through the cracks. Through our Child Advocacy Program, the child and non-offending family members receive support, crisis intervention and referrals for mental health and medical treatment.

For more information, please call our office at 770-507-7772

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